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Ebury Partners

Ebury Partners

Ebury Partners is a currency exchange specialist – an alternative to the bank. Using a currency exchange specialist like Ebury Partners ensures that you lock-in the best exchange rate possible for any foreign currency exchange – up to 4% over what you’d receive from your high street bank – and the proactive, consultative service on offer means that you will be alerted to any market movement that could benefit you.

It’s much easier to use a specialist than a bank too – there’s no need to turn up, and the application process is free and puts you under no obligation to use the services on offer.

Ebury Partners charges no fees for any transactions over £5000 and can help you manage your risk for large purchases, such as a home abroad.


Baydon Hill

Baydonhill FX are Currency Exchange Brokers that provide a personalised Service for Corporate & Private Clients alike

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