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Known as ‘City of Gold’ due to its huge open gold markets, or 'City of Dreams' due to the opportunities it promises, Dubai offers a multitude of tourist attractions and recreational activities to suit everyone's taste.

An extraordinary city built in the heart of a desert, Dubai is a truly cosmopolitan place , a lively and modern environment with flamboyant hotels, an array of world-class dining venues and countless clubs and bars.

Home to the Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest man made structure at a staggering 828 meters high, the world’s first seven star hotel; the Burj Al Arab, the world’s first indoor ski slope and the world’s largest shopping mall , Dubai certainly knows how to boast being the biggest and the best with its materialistic front.

Dubai’s ambition of becoming a city like no other in the world has certainly been realised, and as the Burj Khalifa suggests, the sky’s the limit for this extraordinary destination.

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